National Charity League, Inc. (NCL, Inc.) is a national organization of mothers and daughters.  The mothers are called Patronesses and the daughters are called Ticktockers.


The mission of NCL, Inc. is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences. Your membership in this organization and our program, the NCL Experience, will offer opportunities to participate in each of these program areas.

The Fort Collins Chapter has members from Fort Collins, Loveland, Wellington and Windsor.

Our Chapter has over 28 local philanthropies with whom we volunteer our time.  Our members enjoy contributing to our community and volunteer not only as mother/daughter pairs but also with the new friends they’ve made through membership in our Chapter.

We are an actively involved and committed group that fosters the bond between mother and daughter.


It is our hope that our daughters will develop a greater appreciation of the community values and ideals that our generation holds to be important and worthy of preservation.


The purpose of the NCL Experience is to inspire and empower women to succeed as confident, well-rounded and socially aware contributors in their communities.


All Chapter activities fulfill the NCL mission to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to three pillars:

  • Community Service:  Our desire is to learn what philanthropic needs exist in our community and to help meet those needs whenever possible.
  • Leadership:  Our intent is to enhance potential leadership skills through team building, problem solving, mentoring, and group dynamics. 
  • Cultural:  Our goal is to create an environment that nurtures a positive identity by recognizing and appreciating the value of differences in each other and the world.

The Ticktocker experience is designed to be a small group leadership program that provides opportunities for each developing young woman to know the joy of helping others, to learn tolerance and kindness, to mature and build confidence and to make friends while sharing and participating in these activities in a safe and comfortable age appropriate environment.