Leadership Development

The Ticktocker experience is designed to be a small group leadership program.  Fort Collins NCL, Inc. Chapter members have opportunities to engage in experiences that build essential skills such as consensus and team building, event planning, public speaking and presentation, and conflict resolution.

Each grade level has individual leadership benchmarks that build on one another and establish a solid foundation for our young leaders.

These leadership skills are honed through a variety of small and large group leadership experiences including:

  • Helping run a grade level meeting.
  • Working together to plan an event for the grade level.
  • Planning and presenting information to a grade level group that fulfills one of the grade level educational milestones.
  • Participating in group communications, including newsletter articles.
  • Public speaking opportunities at small and large group meetings.
  • Working with a committee to plan and coordinate events for the entire chapter.
  • Researching philanthropies and presenting to the chapter about experiences with our philanthropies.
  • Organizing chapter-wide cultural events.
  • Working together with other mothers and daughters as volunteers to support the community and develop as leaders and role models.